IN THE GARDEN 20x24 mixed media on canvas
© Vickie Martin 2011
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I was born in Atlanta, and currently reside in Decatur, Ga. - home of Emory University and the CDC, and only 3 miles from downtown Atlanta. In the past, I have given historical tours of Druid Hills (where the movie Driving Miss Daisy was based), and the Fox Theater, one of the last remaining atmospheric theaters! While I work in advertising full time, placing time on both radio and television, I make sure I keep enough time for myself and pursue my passion of painting.

My artwork is heavily layered with collage, acrylic paint, ink. Anything in the house is fair game, I've used coffee grounds, salt, sand, alcohol, the lists is endless. This results in a tactile surface. Lately I've been playing with fire, using a blow torch to play with the many layers. AND - I'm also exploring the use of gunpowder on both paper and canvas.

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The universe has a rhythm and a pattern,  being born of both order and chaos.   This is the world my work comes from.  I begin with an arbitrary composition.   Rhythms and patterns form over each other and patterns begin to appear in different sizes.  With repeated building up and rubbing off a form begins to develop.  While in a responsive dialogue with the page, images appear and disappear.  There is not always a beginning and an end.  Small intimate details cause the images to shift and it allows a story to be told and a new world to be explored.

Contact me at mailto:vickemartinarts@comcast.net

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