the continued journey of a painting

well, it is hard to believe the journey this little painting has taken. I think it changed drastically when I decided to fit it into my "rhythm of the universe" series. It was a natural mutation, the original painting was just the beginning layer. Many layers and much work later, hopefully you can see the evolution. Using salt, celophane and coffee, then drawing back on the marking that were made created great texture!

Back in December, I was involved in a show titled 12x12.   It consisted of 12 artists that did 12 pieces of work that measured 12"x12", and of course, it was held on 12/12.   While the show was successful, I had some inventory left.

Well, early in 2008 I started my "Rhythm of the Universe" series, which you can see below.   The other day I was looking at this painting and realized I was already utilizing circle.   However, it didn't fit in that series.   So, I started out by neutralizing the color, and added texture with sand and salt.    I thought it would be interesting to post where the painting is going now.

What you see above is the direction of the current painting on the top, with the original painting, as it appeared in the 12x12 show in December.   

I am hoping by posting here reqularly, it will help me paint more consistently.    If I post a 1/2 finished painting, I will go ahead and finish it in a couple of days to post the new one.

I will be having a one - person show at Georgia Perimeter College in October, and I only have 12 pieces completed, and most are not framed.   I have 5 paintings that have been started, so I have to get busy!!!!!



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Vickie said...

this is a fine art blog, not a gaming or a lottery blog. it is not intended for everyone

Lance Carlson said...

gamblig blog? how'd that happen.
are you sure those images are the same painting?
not sure how you can tell.

Wyndolent said...

The combination of the texture and the black and white (at least on my screen) overlay of other colors creates a piece that I could stare at for hours just to see what else I could find.

Vickie said...

Thank you - come back anytime! and it is primarily primarily black and white - mostly neutrals!