Below is the press release that was sent out by Michael Joseph gallery. I will be sending 6-8 pieces down there this week to be exhibited in a group show, with an opening on 11/14. Read about the gallery by clicking on the following link. All of my pieces are available as prints too.


Award winning abstract Atlanta artist Vickie Martin uses a variety of material to create her mixed media work. Among them are acrylic paint, ink, pastels, charcoal and collage. She is inspired by different themes including music, geometric shapes and architecture.

Vickie’s art has been described as a dance of shapes, textures and rhythms. Being the daughter and grand-daughter of piano tuners, using rhythm is natural for her.

Textures are created using several things, many of which are found around the house. Collage is one of things used to create texture. Some of the things she regularly uses are old maps, dress patterns, insides of envelopes, old books (in any language), newspaper, stamps, tissue paper, produce bags, or anything that may attract her attention.

Some of the things she uses to create a tactile tecture are sand, coffee, tea and salt (from table salt to rock salt). Not afraid of experimenting, she has also used baby oil, alcohol, even miracle grow, and has been known to set canvases outside during a rainstorm. The layering of all of this creates a depth and the more one looks at the work, the more unexpected things being appearing.

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Scott Bulger Photography said...

Best of luck. Please let me know how it goes.