I have decided, if I put it out there, I am therefore accountable. I have become to believe if you either visualize your goals, or you write them down, you have a much better chance of making them happen. So - this is my first step in achieving my goals.
I took a class from Alyson Stanfield, "Blast Off" - which deal wtih much of this. I am also involved in an Art Marketing Salon, and we meet every two weeks and have specific things to achieve between meetings. So - here goes

1. I want to be self-sufficient on my artwork so I can retire earlier than originally planned.
2. Solo Show in a gallery within the next 15 months
3. Submit to juried festivals, and be accepted in a minimum of 10 of them a year
4. Look for alternative places to show my work, places where they will be purchased.
5. Get marketing material organized and always have it ready to go.
6. Print a line of cards to sell at festivals
7. Grow a mailing list - to 300+ active people
8. Learn how to put together a newsletter that looks professional and is interesting to read - sent 4x a year minimum
9. Write on my blog a minimum of 1x
10. Grow my network of artists - get more involved with the AAC and the WCAGA
11. Acceptance into a national juried show
12. take a monday off a month at a minimum to devote 100% to art endeavors
13. Learn more about blogging
14. Update website a minimum of 2x a year - more often if needed
15. Read about art and artists - go to galleries - go to museums

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