I am taking a four week blogging class. Today's assignment was coming up with 20 topics to blog about in the future. So - here goes:
Gallery Happenings in Atlanta;
How My Rhythm of the Series is evolving right now
The Importance of Learning Art History
Who are my ancestors in Art?
The importance of having an organized studio
Are we ever going to install the flat files in the studio? Or are they going to stay in the dining room?
Spring Cleaning is late, Atlanta skipped Spring this year
Festival Happenings in Atlanta
Are Salons making a comeback
Everything in my kitchen is fair game to be used as art materials
Should I stop collecting junk mail for collage materials, and jar lids for circles?
Review of a movie about art - maybe Who The *&%* is Jackson Pollack
Why I love my Critique Group - Shadowline Artists
the National Collage Society national show is in Atlanta this year
I know How important it is to do blind contours, so why don't I do them?
My dress series is evolving into men's clothing

I have a google alert for Atlanta Artists, and Atlanta Collage Artists, and my recent posts are popping up in there!!!

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Lance Carlson said...

so your dress series is cross dressing?