There is so much I want to accomplish within the next couple of years. I wrote everything down at the first of the year, and I just relooked at that post. Some of the things I have accomplished include creatiging a line of greeting cards to sell at festivals, and I have made bookmarks out of one of my dresses. I have learned how to set up a tent and my presentation is getting better. But the things I want to accomplish as:

1. Become more self-sufficient, I have a dollar goal in mind. This is my retirement after all.

2. Continue to learn

3. Expand my Rhythms of the Universe Series. I am incorporating constellations as an overalay in them now.

4. Read more about art - serious art. Understand some of the articles in Art in America better

5. Learn more art history

6. Have a gallery show within a year.

7. Find alternative spaces, and working with Leitch Fine Art is helping me there

8. Be more involved in the Atlanta art community

9. Blog, and continue to learn more about blogging. I'm kind of lost in the technical aspect, but I'm working on it.

10. Update my website when I finish a new body of work

I think that is enough for now!


TL said...

check out this book
Vortex Of Silence by Doris von Drathen. She is an excellent art writer (I say writer not critic and if you read her works I think you'll understand)

Vickie said...

Thanks - I'll check it out.