I am working on a blog about networking on twitter. If anybody has anything to share I can use - please let me know


Lesley said...

When I click on your Twitter link on the left it goes to a page that doesn't exist. Just FYI!
As far as networking on twitter - it has been a mixed bag for me. I have found some great people/artists to follow and have stumbled on great art and info. Many artists follow me as well. However, whenever I pose an art question or comment I get no replies. I also follow someone local to me that spoke of hanging opportunities but when we emailed privately that person ended up not communicating with me after a while, even to say "your art isn't what we are looking for". Now I feel awkward reading their tweets and all their marketing talk when they didn't reply to my last two emails after a lengthy exchange. Just my experiences so far...

Vickie said...

Thanks for your comment Lesley - and thanks for the alert about the link not working - my twitter address is @vmartinart. I shortened it when I started figuring it out and forgot to change it here. I agree with you - and it is fun to talk to artists internationally. Sorry about your experience with the hanging opportunities. I think it is so unprofessional not to respond to people. I've known artists that have had that happen with galleries in Atlanta - saying they haven't looked at the work yet - blah blah blah - instead of saying - this isn't what we are looking for - unprofessional - I'd move on and count yourself lucky

Kraxpelax said...

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Best wishes,
- Peter Ingestad, Sweden