As Joni Mitchell said, "You don't know what you have 'til it's gone".  What if three of your favorite local establishments suddenly disappeared?  This question launched  The 3/50 Project.  Using the tagline "Save your local economy... three stores at a time".

What is The 3/50 Project?   It encourages people to redirect $50 to three locally owned establishments each month.

The website for The 3/50 Project states if just half of those employed in the US spent $50 each month with independently owned businesses, more than $42.6 billion would be generated (it doesn't state if this is an annual figure, but it is my guess it is).  In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates that more than $457 billion dollars will be spent this year through the holidays.  The also estimated Americans spent $6 billion this year on Halloween!!!!!   So, it makes sense, supporting your local businesses will help the local economy.  This includes supporting all brick and mortar local businesses, from restaurants to retail, to local farmer's markets, to the shops that specialize in carrying locally produced products.  Also, for every $100 that is spent in locally owned businesses, $68 returns to the local economy in the form of other expenditures, including taxes and payroll.  Compare that to only $43 that is returned to the local economy with a national chain.  The numbers dip drastically to what is returned to the local economy when the money is spent online.

That being said, my artwork is in two establishments that carry local art and crafts.  My work can be found at Emerging Artist Scene, an art gallery located in the Castleberry Hill district.  Also, my work can be found at HomeGrown Decatur, a boutique located in downtown Decatur representing almost 70 local artists.

So, with the holiday season fast approaching, please consider purchasing gifts at either one of these establishments.  You will be supporting the local economy, as well as supporting local artists.   Both businesses support the local community, be it participating in the monthly art stroll in Castleberry Hill or taking artists to Junktique in Oakhurst which benefits Oakhurst Elementary School.


Tina Steele Lindsey said...

A million kudos! Best wishes on this, and I wholeheartedly agree!

Vickie said...

thanks tina