To the Ball - the original was 12x12 - this is available as a print any size, I have sold it as larger as 3x3 - prints available, as are cards

Chanel with an Attitude - 24x30
Again, this is 24x30 - collage in the background, mixed media painting, using a little blow torch between layers
24x30 - Heavily textured piece of mixed media
Part of my Tango series - there is collage in the background that pertains to tango - 

10x20 - using coffee, tea, acrylics
this is only 8x10
There are three of these, the other two are read dresses - 10x30

See anything you like?   Let me know!


MitchRodriquez@ English Atlanta said...

Nice painting you have and I love every detail of it. Very very good.

Vickie said...

thank you mitch - I just saw this comment - sorry for the delay