Ziggy guarding the flat file!
I don't know if it is a Southern Old Wives tale, but my mother always told me growing up that what you do on New Years Day, you will do all year long.   I have taken this statement literally for most of my adult life.   In fact, I have to admit, it is a superstition I can't seem to shake.  In fact, several years ago I spent the entire day on New Year's watching 12 hours of Law and Order.   In looking back, this was the beginning of what became the most unproductive year of my life!!!!!

Because of this, I try to start the New Year off with my home organized and fairly clean.   The laundry is always done and put away.  This year I made an effort to extend that into my studio.   I began with cleaning out my paper closet.    Below you will see where it began and how it ended up.   I have organized the paper by paper I have manipulated, and other paper by color.  

original mess
newly organized

I continued with this and filed all of my papers I had saved for collage and cleaned up.

collage files

work table cleaned off

work in progress, and note the gunpowder on the bookshelf!

I feel I made progress over the last couple of days and can begin the New Year organized and raring to do.   Since I have the phrase "what you do on New Year's Day, you will do the rest of the year" so ingrained in me, I will make a point of doing my favorite things on New Years Day, as well as healthy things.   I will exercise, pay attention to what I eat, and I will paint!!!!!!

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