I don't know if getting your mom a gift for Mother's Day is as hard for you as it is for me.  My mother insists she doesn't want anything.   While I can always give her a plant or flowers, I feel I've overdone that over the years.   A couple of years ago I tried getting her a gift certificate to a restaurant she likes to go to.  Wouldn't you know - six months later while we were out, she wanted to go to that restaurant and then whipped out the gift certificate I had given her.  I tried giving her a gift card to a grocery store, and I still don't know how that gift card landed back in my purse!I think most mom's like to get things handmade. But, if it is already too late to start on something of your own, or you aren't a artsy craftsy kind of person,  I know of a place you can go!  I suggest you head over to InsideOut Accessories, located in Vinings Jubilee.  InsideOut is an artisan boutique, carrying everything from jewelry to original paintings (mine included), pottery, glassware, fiber work, wood work and much more!   Everything in the store is original and is created by artisans that live in Georgia!

This delightful store is owned and operated by D'Ree Harris, who will say she is not an artist, but she does have an eye and a deep passion for art.  She spent 23 years in radio finance and human resources, most recently the Corporate Controller of WQXI-AM radio in Atlanta (that is another story, as I am a media buyer, and we did not meet in the world of Atlanta radio!).  When WQXI-AM was sold, she decided to take a chance and pursue something she really loved, and thus InsideOut was born!

To say Atlanta is a festival town is an understatement.  Beginning mid-April, there is virtually a festival somewhere within metro Atlanta every weekend through mid-November.   On some weekends there might be as many as four or five festivals.   The crowds are HUGE,  the prices are high and parking is always a premium.

This shop is a welcome an alternative to the festival scene, and many of the artists in the store are from the festival circuit.  Parking is not a problem, and the pace is relaxed.

There are many things to choose from in the store, and as stated previously, everything is handmade in Georgia!   By supporting this, you are also supporting the 3/50 PROJECT, you have not only supported a locally owned business, but the artists that are in the store!

The store is open seven days a week!   

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