Passion of the Dance

I have recently joined the Artist Conpiracy headed by Alyson Stanfield, the Art Biz Coach.  We are encouraged to have goals on a monthly basis  - and I've chosen to further break them down by week.  To be more accountable, I have decided to share my goals monthly here.   So here goes:


I need to organize the CD's of my images and put them in files on my exterior hard drive.  I have not done this in over a year, and Joel photographs my work as I complete it.   To start this, I must clean the desktop off my computer.

When this is complete, I am going to get update my website.   I have to update the exhibitions page too.  

I need to re-organize my studio, and when done, I want to have photographs of me INSIDE my studio to use on both my blog and website.

I want to do a photoshopped banner that I can utilize on my fan page, my blog and my newsletter.

I need to update my mailing list for my newsletter.

I need to complete a submission that has been virtually completed for six weeks.   The finishing is completing some marketing materials that must go with the submission.

I will blog a minimum of two times a week.


I need to work out at least 3 hours this week - this will help me relax and sleep so I can be more productive.

I am going to clean off my desktop and begin organizing my images.

I only have one more blog to write this week, and I will write a marketing blog tomorrow at lunch.

I will get Joel to help me with the banner this weekend.

I will add the names to my mailng list.

I think I can do this.   Do you have any goals for this month/week?

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katie o. said...

I'm so impressed you've put your goals out there. I have too many goals to even write down...but maybe it's time I finally did...
Thanks for the motivation!