Atlanta 1970 - how to organize a page

I was looking for a way to organize a page and chose to take a picture of the skyline of Atlanta in 1970. I took the shapes it created and collaged the background. The collage included my airplane tickets to various places and Atlanta memoriabilia, such as coke labels, CNN and such. Oh - and I also used failed mono-prints I had (don't throw anything away, you will use them someday!).
After I had my interpretation of the skyline of Atlanta, I began painting over it. Many people living here in 1970 will not recognize it. The Polaris at the Regency was the highest point, at least to me. If I could find it in the sky, I could get to Peachtree and get home. So - notice the building with the circles that is painted blue, it is the Polaris with the color inverted.

Not only do I paint, but I have given historical tours of Atlanta, (i.e. Fox Theater and Druid Hills) so sometimes the city pops up in a work!

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