So - the most recent lesson in my Blog Triage class was to put five links in an article. Well, I could sit down and write a very compelling article, but it took me all afternoon to figure out how to insert the links. I think I might have it now.
First of all, I want to congratule Lance Carlson on his inclusion in the juried show which is hanging at the Knoxville Airport.

Secondly, I want to mention Joel Conison's show at Naomi Silva of his Birds series. He now has 30 completed, and plans on going to Cincinnati and Charleston to shoot more taxidermied birds. They are getting great reception, and giving him the attention he so deserves. When Naomi learned he had 30 finished now (the show has 17), she told people this was the inaugural showing of this series! He is investigating London galleries now - he needs to get a passport, mine is valid!

I really like my friend Jacqueline Allison's new series of work called relational . She has really been experimenting with new techniques and she isn't afraid to try something new.

Why the homework? I am currently taking a class entitled Blog Triage from Alyson Stanfield and Cynthia Morris.. I hope to migrate this blog over to Wordpress soon, so I've been playing around over there!

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Dora said...

Hi Vickie, Thank you for your comment. Actually I have not been using this blog since I did Alyson's Blast Off class back in January. It's too hard to do things on it. I have a typePad account and love it. So you had blisters during the walk? That happened to me the 1st year and then I learned to put lots of "Glide" and "mole skin" so the last 2 walks I did ok. It is an unbelievable experience! I am a 23 year Breast Cancer survivor so it means a lot to me to do the walk. Check out the blog I am using: