I am excited to report the cleaning out and organizing of my studio is completed.   Here is a quick before and after shot.  I was working in utter chaos before.  In the bottom picture, there was a couch and a coffee table there too!   The bookshelves had everything in it from old picture albums, annuals, just stuff.

Now - I have a wonderful working table with a shelf that keeps it all organized.  The book shelves were cleaned out and only collage supplies (i.e. old games, maps, books, playing cards) remain.

Next to the table, we installed a view shelf.  I can put 4 canvases that measure 20x24 on it.  Down the road - I'm going to instal a metal bar about 2-3 feet above the shelf with magnets, so I can hang up works on paper.

Here you can see the flat file we purchased when Fay Gold closed her doors.  The door leads outside, and I plan on putting some flagstone out there because I do use spray paint out there and I use my fence to hang work on to dry.

The biggest thing left to do is paint the floor.  Above is an example of what it will look like when complete.

It is so nice to finally have everything in it's place.  I purchased a padded stool for the table, and a anti-gravity recliner.  All of my collage material is filed.  All of my drawing supplies are divided into water soluble and not.  My paint is divided by colors in baskets under the table and arrange in the order of the color wheel.  

Down the road?   A nice flourescent light, but I bought an Ott lamp for the meantime.  And, maybe a sink down there one day.

I am looking forward to creating and exploring!!!!


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Nicely done. Feels great doesn't it! I went through the same thing with my studio. It had become a 'catch-all'. Now I won't allow that :-) Connie

vickie said...

Thanks Connie - this room started as a den of some sort - it was nice to get everything that wasn't art related out of there!