It has probably happened to you. You tell someone you are an artist, and inevitably you are asked, what do you do?  "I um paint, many ah um different things, whatever strikes my mood at the - ah - time".  You have lost your opportunity for a 30-60 second commercial about your work.

What is an elevator speech?   It is when the opportunity is given to make a point in a timely manner in the time is takes for a normal elevator to ride from the top to the bottom floor.

It is important for all artists to develop an elevator speech so you are not  stumped the next time someone asks you about your art. It should be 30-60 seconds and it is your chance to tell who you are and describe your artwork SUCCINCTLY to the audience.

I must admit, I have gotten lazy about working on my "elevator speech".   Thus,  I have missed a few opportunities to connect with someone that is interested in my art. 

It is your chance to tell someone how your art is different, tell them what you are trying to convey, or what your goals are.  

You can use this at gallery openings, networking events, or at the dog park when you casually mention you are an artist to someone. 

Here are some tips:
Write is down and keep it to a few sentences.   
Always identify yourself. 
Talk directly to the listener
Practice your story until it sounds unrehearsed while you sound confident.
Have different variations of the speech so you can adjust it for your audience.

 "Hi, my name is Vickie, I work with mixed media on canvas.  Using acrylic paint and also collage and household items, like coffee, tea, alcohol, I create texture and layers. Lately I have been experimenting with fire, using a blow torch and actually burning gunpowder to create more texture".   I'm still working on it!

Don't miss your chance for a :30 to :60 commercial about your artwork.

Do you have a killer elevator speech?  I'd like to see some good examples!

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